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This page is dedicated to all aspiring colleagues looking to work with other talented people.

Can't find the job you're looking for? Doesn't matter, we're always looking for talented colleagues so make sure to contact us!

Open positions

First week

We have a total of four core values that largely define every single VI-er.

Day 1 - Honesty

Individual ask-me-anything introductions to all colleagues.

Day 2 - Well-advised

Setting up your computer and introductions to internal processes.

Day 3 - Eager to learn

Hang out with your project team and get to know all the ins and outs.

Day 4 - Competitive

Pick a part of the project you'll be working on and make it better.

Day 5 - …

A day for doing whatever, finished with a nice (and well-deserved) cold beer.

Quality control

We're always on the lookout for new, quality improving techniques and methods.


High emphasis on clean code, constantly improving our processes and most of all, working with awesome technology.


Finding elegant solutions for practical problems.


Freedom to choose the best technology per project.


This is a selection of awesome things VI offers next to a competative salary, obviously; and great coffee… and sponsored conferences. The list goes on!

Part-time possibilities

Would you like to work 16, 24, 32, 36 or 40 hours a week? It's all possible!

13th month

For everyone, even when you've just started working at VI.


Every Friday, cold Hertog-Jan straight from the tap.

Pool table

Worthy opponents included, but bring your own safety helmet.


Buy certificates and become a co-owner of VI Company.

Training budget

Use it for visiting workshops, conferences or other purposes.

Paternity leave

5 days paid leave to change diapers and bond with your baby.


Sign up for the bimonthly chair massages.


Including a safe parking space in the Groot Handelsgebouw.

VI weekend

The annual weekend trip where we take a break from reality.


Varied and healthy, including fresh fruit and snacks for days.

Academy days

Take the time to do proper research.

What happens at VI …

… once in a while appears on this image feed ;-)

Casper providing dev. insights on our Ethereum Smart Contract Christmas present
Party Committee in Brabant!
Brrrr ... Our developers defied Nordic weather while visiting Oslo for NDC Security.
Ticket sales for the next VI Cinema has started!
Bring your dog to work day!
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