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This is a selection of awesome things VI offers next to a competative salary, obviously; and great coffee… and sponsored conferences. The list goes on!


You can work part-time or from home, we value our work-life balance.

13th month

For everyone, even when you've just started working at VI.


Every Friday, cold Hertog-Jan straight from the tap.

Pool table

Worthy opponents included, but bring your own safety helmet.


Buy certificates and become a co-owner of VI Company.

Training budget

Use it for visiting workshops, conferences or other purposes.


Sharing knowledge between developers can be fun and effective.


After all, you want to enjoy your retirement without worrying about finances.


Including a safe parking space in the Groot Handelsgebouw.

VI weekend

The annual weekend trip where we take a break from reality.


Varied and healthy, including fresh fruit and snacks for days.

Academy days

Take time off from projects to do proper research.

Your colleagues

We're always on the lookout for new talent!

What happens at VI …

… once in a while appears on this image feed ;-)
Oh VI lunch, how much we have missed you!
Renske hula-hooping to collect donations for the children's hospital in Rotterdam.
Forget about branded books, pens, and stickers. Everybody knows the next big thing is branded socks!
Bart's cat acted as the judge for our company's cook-off.
Happy international programmers day to all programmers out there! 🥳🦄🎈

About VI Company

Flat organisation

We are an organization of smart, independent people. We know how to do our job. Therefore, we work with peer or self-managed teams and roles.

Not too serious

We take our job very seriously. We find it important to be challenged in our work, but also make time for fun along the way.

Founders & partners

Since 2017, the VI Company shares are diluted and 10% of the new shares are now distributed among employees through a foundation (STAK). Success is the most fun when you can share it!

Core values

Committed to the job

We act like VI Company is our own business. We show commitment to understanding our projects, clients, and perspectives from other colleagues.

People business

We all contribute to a pleasant and friendly work environment. This means showing open, kind, respectful, and honest behavior towards other colleagues. When providing others with feedback, this comes from a good place.

Rotterdam personality

We address problems, opportunities, and concerns and show effort to fix these. This can be direct when needed, but is always honest and fair!

Smart and humble

We are brave enough to stay vulnerable and contribute to a safe working environment in which others can do so as well. Next to that, we value domain-driven working.
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