New hardware for our hosting services: only the best is good enough!

Bas Roovers
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Last year, we moved our hosting services to new hardware. The goal: having a fast and reliable platform for the coming 5 years.

But what does this mean for our current and future clients? And is on premise really the best choice in this day and age?Our response: absolutely. Especially in this branch, where most parties depend on the cloud. Allow us to elaborate!

On premise over cloud: the perfect match for our clients' needs

When we decided to choose on premise over cloud, 'scalability' was a key term. It's not that the cloud doesn't allow for it – if you're willing to put in the money, you can definitely scale. But our current solution offers much more flexibility, which means we can offer our clients options which would have been way too expensive in the cloud. And since we host and develop, our solution's level of quality is unmatched.

Furthermore, our clients operate in the financial sector, where a cloud infrastructure isn't always desired. Usually, they prefer data to be stored in one place, and they don't like to depend on several parties (which is the case when you opt for the cloud). Our new hardware ensures that clients only have to deal with us. We build and host our software under one roof, unburdening clients from start to finish.

Obviously, we had to make some crucial choices when selecting this solution. For example, we decided to use all-flash storage, which allows for a fast processing of large amounts of data – a feature we know is important to our clients. Incidentally, we've kept them in mind throughout the process, picking each component carefully so we could compose a solution that fully matches their (branch-)specific needs.

Future proof: ready, set, go

Finally, our new solution is future proof – that is, it can be expanded. If we welcome new clients or our current clients need more comprehensive applications, we can easily scale at the hardware level.

After five years, we'll evaluate the status quo and determine whether this technology is still the best option for our clients. But right now, we're ready and set for the future!

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