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Casper Broeren
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On Thursday 22nd of June, we held our first dotNed meeting at VI Company. DotNed is the Dutch user group of .Net This organization strives to spread the knowledge regarding the .Net platform and tries to organize a meetup every 4th Thursday of the month. These meetups are hosted at companies who use Microsoft .Net

In the past, several of us attended such dotNed meetups. Now we wanted to do something back and host our own event, with our own speakers. We wanted to share our passion and knowledge of Vue.js and Microsoft Orleans. After contacting the people of dotNed, we got a spot in June and we started preparing for our first dotNed meeting. In the past, we held Fronteers meetings as well but never a backend presentation. Pim and Casper were willing to talk about the topics and other colleagues like Edwin, Tim and others were supporting the speakers with feedback and input how to keep the presentations informative and fun. Also, big thanks to Renske, Tim and Kees for facilitating the whole meeting.

Pim and Casper chose to work at one demo displaying a simple FinTech situation and how both technologies could help in that. The situation was handling updating stock information in rapidly changing rates. These stock rates needed to be displayed for every update and later reported. The task of Vue.Js was handling the data send from a web socket and binding the data dynamically. The task of Orleans was supplying the stock data and create reports on the aggregated data. Another task of Orleans was caching the data for fast retrieval.

Pim van Die presenting his talk to a crowd during the dotNed meeting.

To learn more about both topic please head over to our GitHub: github.com/vicompany/dotned-2017/tree/master/presentations
Download it and open the vuejs/index.html or orleans/index.html

If you’re interested in the source code of the demo please go to github.com/vicompany/dotned-2017

The most fun part of the dotNed meeting is meeting other .Net developers and talk about experiences and questions regarding the topics (and also talk about work related stuff). We asked Pim and Casper which question they found most interesting.

Pim: The question regarding the usages of inline templates being a progressive enhancement. We indeed use this feature because we want the client always to have some application state.

Casper: The question about the future of Orleans / Actor model and if it will be used more often. This was hard to say because the actor model and thus Orleans solves some problems very good, like concurrency and scalability, but on the other hand, it can’t do everything like querying data. Personally, I want to use Orleans in a next project for transactions as well.

Lastly, we had a blast hosting the meeting and sharing our knowledge. We’ll host another one in the future, we don’t know when and what topic. In the meantime, watch the dotNed website for other great meetups.

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