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While having a sit down with Nick Verschoor, VI Company’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), one thing becomes instantaneously obvious: he’s passionate about his work. So much so, he’s reshaping how VI Company looks at its services to clients. In this interview, he sheds more light on why he loves his job, what he hopes to achieve, and which role a quote from Einstein plays in the success of the Strategy and Consultancy team.

Nick started at VI Company nine years ago, after having worked as a business consultant and project manager for multinationals for several years. Perchance, he saw a job opening and came in for an interview at VI Company. “I walked in, in a suit and tie. It was quite obvious I had misread the dress code,” Nick laughs. Reminiscing the moment takes Nick back to how refreshing it felt to interview for a - at the time - smaller and more informal company. “The conversations I had with Kees [the CEO] and the management team felt natural and sincere. It felt like the right step for me to come work for VI Company.”


Ever since then Nick has become a crucial part of the company. In his role as CCO, he is primarily responsible for VI Company’s commercial side, such as developing its growth, its services, and recently its Strategy and Consultancy team. Besides that, Nick is also a part of the management team. Both roles give him energy. “People naturally tend to have a hard time understanding complexity in an unsure environment. They often have a great idea, but lack perspective on how to develop it further. That’s why I love my job. I get to help clients realize their ambitions by giving them the perspective they need.”


When asked what is the most challenging part of his work, Nick’s answer is clear: “People tend to overestimate what they can do in a month and underestimate what they can achieve in a year. That makes conversations complex sometimes. The challenge is to simplify the problem by not getting stuck in your thought process by dependencies, all the while dealing with strict laws and regulations applicable to the financial markets.” For VI Company working within laws and regulations is a daily matter. “Not only do our clients have European regulations to abide by such as from the ESMA, but also advanced European data protection directives through GDPR. And then you have additional strict regulations in the Netherlands from The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Being comfortable with the advanced Dutch and European regulations makes it easier for us to help international clients,” Nick explains.

Focussing on what can be achieved

VI Company’s clients can largely be categorized into three pillars: trading products, institutional investment management, and exchanges. “And within those pillars, we’ve got clients in all different shapes and sizes. What I enjoy the most is when a client has a complex case in which we get to go through the whole chain and figure out how they want to distinguish themselves,” Nick says. To offer clients even more perspective and be able to give them the best advice possible, Nick has spent time developing the Strategy and Consultancy team over the last three years. “We really took the time to develop the team and the service. We’re at a point now where clients value our services and leave us great reviews. I’m most proud of our Einstein mentality: ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’ We want to rethink how we can provide perspective, instead of retrace what has been done before. The quote from Einstein is one we live by, it forces us to challenge the status quo,” Nick assures.


The Strategy and Consultancy team thinks beyond the possible techniques at VI Company and believes their advice should be able to stand on its own. Nick explains: “I believe in the value of objective advice. Of course, I would like to help clients with our development services as well, however, our main interest is value for the client and making sure we give them the best possible advice, even when that means they’ll be taking their business elsewhere.” Although one might find it a controversial way of looking at your business, the Strategy and Consultancy team is growing its business and has gotten great reviews from clients such as PGGM and Lifesight. “To me, that is a confirmation we are doing things right. It’s because we’re that dedicated to helping our clients see the road ahead of them,” Nick concludes.

Curious as to what the Strategy and Consultancy team can do for you? Contact Nick for more information.

What happens when you sit down with VI Company’s CCO Nick Verschoor? 🤔 You discover just how passionate he is about his job. 👉 Find out what Einstein and the Strategy and Consultancy team have to do with it in this interview.

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