Why VI Company got ISO-certified... voluntarily!

Tim Oskam
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Getting ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications can be a hassle of sorts. Therefore, it's quite unusual for a relatively small fintech company with approximately 40 employees to embark on the ISO journey, voluntarily letting itself be vetted for a full year. Yet it's exactly what VI Company has done. In this blog, we'll tell you why we decided to go down this road and what the process has taught us.

ISO certification at a glance: process and added value

How well organized are our processes? How do we guarantee quality and security? Such questions are among the first to ask during the ISO certification process. Turning a company inside out like this may seem cumbersome, but it comes with real benefits. For example, your organization can improve and professionalize while receiving help from people who have gained a wealth of experience vetting and certifying other companies. ISO certifications also help you check security survey boxes well before official questions require answers, thus saving you loads of time when you have to complete such surveys. Briefly put, the ISO certification process helps you gain and maintain an overview of everything that matters to you and your clients.

Getting ISO-certified: why bother?

VI Company's clients operate in the financial sector, where every collaboration depends on one essential element: trust. Outsourcing a project to an external party always comes with risks, which we want to reduce to an absolute minimum – especially because the projects we take on continue to grow in complexity. In the past 12.5 years, we've worked hard on building a reputation of being a reliable partner, and our clients have increasingly entrusted us with their primary processes. As we don't take such responsibilities lightly, we believed it was time for the next step: get a certification to show our clients in an instant that we're trustworthy and well organized, and that we live up to our stellar reputation. Getting ISO-certified is quite an investment, but it was one that we've gladly made.

VI Company's road to certification: lessons and takeaways

During the year that it took to obtain our ISO certifications, we discovered that our organization was already a pretty well-oiled machine. But the ISO requirement to record and track processes has made us more aware of the 'what' and 'how' of our way of working, facilitating even smoother processes. We've also made the necessary technology-related improvements – all while maintaining our fun and informal company culture. We couldn't be more proud of the result: with two ISO certifications, we're confidently headed towards the next 12.5 years!

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