Why you shouldn’t let your manager judge you

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It’s not that you’re not open to criticism, or don’t want to improve yourself. If you do your best all year, it’s strange to hear -out of the blue- what you haven’t done right afterwards. The performance review: We all hate it. Yes, even your manager doesn’t like to do it.

Constructive feedback, given at an appropriate moment. Now that’s something you can work with. Performance reviews are usually done top-down and well after the moment you can still do something with the given feedback. This way you’re stuck with a one-sided view, without the possibility to do something about it.

It is so much better when you can really do something with your performance review. Concrete action points based on your daily work, which helps you to develop yourself further. Make sure that the person who reviews your performance gets input from your direct colleagues. Let your teammates and peers help to create the most objective view of your achievements.

That way you will have a much better view on how you’re doing and what you must work on. I find this much more honest. Even better, organize a 360 degrees’ feedback session twice a year with your team and use this input in your reviews.

If your employer also can find a way to detach a salary raise from your performance review you can really start developing. How can you sincerely criticize yourself when your salary raise depends on it? At VI we haven’t quite figured out yet what the best way is, but I do know that it should be different.

In my role as manager I hardly give input for the performance reviews, because what do I know? Only if I can contribute based on my specialism I will do so. In most cases it isn’t relevant what I think, it’s about how your teammates, colleagues and our clients think you’re doing.

Demand from your manager that your performance review is based on feedback and input from your colleagues. Schedule a 360 degrees’ feedback session, so you will directly receive feedback and can work with that!

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