“Going to conferences gives us insight into different ways to look at our work”

Jeffrey Hoogland
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In our VI’s Weekly Format we’ve given a glimpse into how we keep ourselves up to date in our work. Not only do we invest in training and research, but we also look for exciting events and conferences. In this interview, our newest Solution Engineer Jeffrey Hoogland explains how attending a conference gave him fresh ideas for the Strategy and Consultancy (S&C) team.

Recently, Jeffrey and a few colleagues attended NDC Porto - a conference for Software Developers. “At VI Company we can get a yearly budget for self-study at VI Company. A few months ago my colleagues invited me to go to NDC Porto. At that time, I was still working as a back-end developer. As I knew I was going to switch to working as a Solution Engineer within the S&C team, for a little moment, I considered giving my ticket to someone else. But I figured that, as the conference also shares tips and tricks on documentation and regulation, it would be valuable nonetheless. Looking back on it, I’m glad I went.”

Bounded context canvas
“Besides having a great time with colleagues in Porto in our free time, the great thing about the conference is that you attend talks from big developers worldwide. You also get to talk and network with fellow professionals. What pertains to the keynotes, not only do you learn about the history of IT, but you also get projections and current trends to keep in mind. The thing that stood out to me is that going to conferences like NDC gives us insight into different ways to look at our work. For instance, I came across a tool both developers and the S&C team can use. It’s a so-called bounded context canvas.”

A bounded context canvas is a tool that guides you through the process of designing a bounded context - the boundary within a domain where a particular domain model applies. “It requires you to consider and make choices about the key elements of its design, like naming responsibilities and noting down what terms stand for. Having my development background, I know this is particularly helpful for documentation. I can’t wait to implement it. And that’s the great thing about going to conferences. It gives us insight into different ways to look at our work.”

What Jeffrey looks forward to the most in his work as a Solution Engineer? “Definitely thinking along with the customer. It’s the main reason why I’m switching to the S&C team because you’re already thinking along with the customer before the project has even started. Also because it is challenging. We explore new things, looking into things we have never used before.”

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