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Kees de Koning
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VI Company has operated for more than 10 years with a plain-vanilla shareholders set-up: the two founders, Tim and myself, both owning 50% of the shares. As of last month, we have a third shareholder: our colleagues.

Over the past years, VI Company has grown; we’ve become a company of almost 30 hard-working colleagues. Tim and I, believe that it’s not just the two of us making VI Company a success: it’s a job done by all of us. The VI Company colleagues are our most important factor in continuing the success story. Now, and in all the years that come.

Illustration of Kees carefully growing and taking care of new growth.

We believe it is important for our colleagues to benefit from the successes of their work and our company. And it’s not just the colleagues that benefit, but the clients of VI Company as well. They are working with team members who are more than just great colleagues. He or she is also co-owner of the company and thus has potentially more to win because they now share in the clients' achieved success.

As previously the only shareholders of VI Company, Tim and myself, have chosen to dilute our participation to roughly 45% each by issuing a 10% total of new class A equity shares. These shares are allocated to a foundation that holds the certificates, playbook (how, when at what price), administration of the actual participation per participant (colleague), etc. At our IPO (Initial Private Offering), each colleague received a certain number of certificates, free of charge and as well as the possibility to buy-in by purchasing extra certificates. Not only do our current colleagues now benefit extra from participating in VI Company, but also new colleagues will have the possibility to buy certificates in the company.

To make a long story short: from now on, our colleagues introduce themselves as the developer/designer/… as well as co-owner of the company. That feels good! Because success is best when shared.

Would you like to know more details on how we have set this up, such as how market making is done, who helped us, etc.? Please contact Tim! He is the mastermind behind the details of this set-up and made it happen.

Pssst: Potential new colleagues have the option to participate in VI Company as well! Will you be our next participant?

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