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Your competitor launched a new website just last week. Which makes you think; your website is pretty outdated—Is it still relevant for your customers? You probably can’t afford to stay behind. But you’re in doubt.

This is a dilemma: If you do nothing, you’ll certainly be lagging behind next year. And your customer may have moved to your competitor, tempted by their useful website.

Online this summer?

Online with a new website this summer. That would be perfect. After the summer, you might already see the first results. But this seems hardly realistic. Impossible even, right?

But it is possible. You can launch a website within 8 weeks. Yes, even a financial website. We do this regularly. A quick launch doesn’t only save you time, it also makes it easier to stay within budget and make a website tailored to your customer’s needs.

Launching fast, the requirement

There are some rules to be able to get online quickly, within 8 weeks, with the basis of your new website:

  1. Consider what the main hypothesis is that you want tried. Make sure it is tested as soon as you go live. If for example you’re launching a new product, you could first test demand through a simple questionnaire.

  2. Keep features as small as possible: Don’t immediately use up budget on that fancy version of the Watchlist. Keep it simple, see if it’s used, and if so, make it nicer afterwards.

  3. Make sure your customers can provide feedback on your website. Collect their feedback from day 1, so you know what they think about it.

  4. Track what your customers do. Where they are clicking, what pages they’re visiting and what they’re ignoring.

  5. Make sure you’re legal, compliance and communications departments are onboarded early. This way you won’t have any unexpected delays and it’s easier to develop next versions.

A solid foundation to build upon

If you can get this done, you’ll have your website online within 8 weeks. In most cases it won’t be entirely ‘done’ at that point, but you’ll have a solid foundation to build upon. From there on you can continue step by step, using the results from the measurements you’re doing and the feedback gathered. This way you’ll have website that your existing customers will and your prospects can’t wait to use as well!

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