Off to DockerCon: our knowledge-packed trip to Barcelona!

Kevin Wareman
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VI Company has invested in brand-new technology Docker, so attending DockerCon Europe was a must for us. Read all about our experience!

Back in December, three of us went to DockerCon Europe in Barcelona. Docker is a new technology that creates a dynamic and scalable infrastructure, and it has completely changed our view of developing, building, and running applications. In the past two years, VI Company has invested in this technology, using it in a range of projects. Needless to say, DockerCon Europe was a must-attend event for us. So our very own backend developers Kevin and Alexander and system administrator Marcel packed their bags and hopped on a plane. Time to gain more knowledge!

High-quality sessions: answers to burning questions

During the two days of the conference, we attended a few general sessions in which Docker employees shared their vision of the future. They discussed a few brand-new tools, such as Docker Desktop, which allows you to use the same environment as the one on your server – even if it means you need to switch to an older version locally because you haven't yet installed the latest updates in your hosting environment. Furthermore, third-party tools can now be tested and approved by system administrators before they’re used in projects, which could significantly increase security.

Additionally, we took part in individual sessions, which focused on the use of Docker. Here, we learned how to develop, build, monitor, and log applications, receiving tips and tricks on the entire process. How to build an application without wasting money and resources? How to run Docker on servers and in multiple data centers? How to interconnect all elements without using an excessive amount of memory and disk space? At DockerCon, we got the answers to these and more questions.

From review to preview: continuous improvement

DockerCon Europe was an incredibly valuable experience. Our first Docker applications were recently released, so the conference was aptly timed. The high-quality sessions provided us with a ton of useful information. With our newly gained knowledge, we will only improve and refine VI Company's services over time!

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