Tackling increasing complexity: bring it on!

Kees de Koning
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Complexity is a given in our field. The rapid succession of developments results in an ever-changing technological environment. Furthermore, our clients operate in the financial and investment management industries, which grow more and more complex due to market changes – such as new regulations that take effect on a regular basis.

Also, VI Company's reputation continues to spread, which means we increasingly take on highly complex projects involving major responsibilities. Considering all this, it's crucial for us to tackle the increasing degree of complexity. And we venture to say we're up to the task.

Growing complexity: in what sense, exactly?

Let's have a brief look at some complex projects we've worked on. Recently, for example, we partly automated asset allocation for one of the Netherlands' largest asset managers. Since the organization administers more than 200 billion euros, a small rounding difference can have a huge impact. Of course, this puts quite a responsibility on us. The same goes for the trading environment we created for a German stock exchange a while back. Here, too, large transactions are common, which makes accuracy ever more important.

Well, why make it so difficult?

At VI Company, we enjoy working on elaborate, intricate projects that require an eye for detail and a strong sense of responsibility. At the same time, we realize that this proclivity for complexity calls for something that other, ‘regular’ internet agencies rarely possess: deep-rooted domain knowledge. Sure, we are versed in building solid, reliable solutions. But an essential differentiator is that our people have the right domain knowledge, which enables them to instantly ask customers the right questions. We want you to feel that we're part of your organization and that we can relate to your specific expertise, so you can cut to the chase and we can get the work done in a smooth, reliable way.

How do we take our domain knowledge to the next level?

To ensure our people's domain knowledge is up to date, I teach an internal investment course several times a year. From portfolio management to the broker, settlement, and clearing landscape – the basics are covered, so we have a common foundation of knowledge.

In addition, I work on expanding my own expertise. I regularly visit clients and conduct my own research. But since these things will only take you so far, I also enrolled at VU Amsterdam last summer to earn my post-master's degree in VBA Investment Management. Of course, it's an intensive and time-consuming endeavor. But ultimately, it will take VI Company's domain knowledge to the next level, so it will be well worth it!

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