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Regular and multi-country websites for VanEck:
brand redefined, brand-new look!

We are VanEck's partner in web design and development. In doing so we provide them with proper infrastructure and process automation. In addition to the more generic part of the website, VanEck maintains a section where it provides data on its funds. The latter requires complex IT, as it needs to be linked to external banks, something which we at VI Company are experts in handling.

The client's need
VanEck considers its website as an integral part of communicating its brand proposition and educating people about exchange-traded funds (ETFs). In addition, VanEck requires daily support to keep the website up and running as efficiently as possible. Last but not least, they needed a partner who could renew the existing regular and multi-country websites after VanEck redefined its brand.

usertesting VanEck ETF

VI Company are true entrepreneurs. They understand our clients needs and are experienced with the financial domain. That makes working with them very effective for our business.

Martijn Rozemuller, Head of Europe VanEck

Our approach
After discussing the nuts and bolts of VanEck's brand redefinition, we set out to translate the information we learned into a brand-new website. Combining our programming and designing skills, we went the extra mile to achieve the best result. For example, we organized several brainstorm sessions to align on our approach with VanEck, and used their experience and expertise to ensure every decision was well thought out. Proactive and resolute, we came up with solutions to every roadblock on our road.

Once the website was created, we tackled the multi-country version, which needed to meet a range of legal requirements. A complex endeavor, so we took the necessary measures to make sure the project was well organized from start to finish. In consultation with VanEck, we opted for an Agile approach, which turned out to be the preferred method of both parties. A successful choice, as it allowed us to set up a tangible model days after the firm had sent us its high-level specifications.

VI Company is a very professional party that delivers top-notch work. Its highly qualified people can work with complex applications and brim with enthusiasm. They deliver on their promises, which makes them reliable. I like that they're not afraid to disagree with me when we discuss the best approach. This shows how motivated they are, and it leads to high-quality results.

Sander Zboray, Head of Marketing for Europe, VanEck

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The results
VanEck appreciated our critical approach and felt that it bore fruit. The firm praised the website once it was finished, both content-wise and in terms of design, calling it "solid" and "reliable". The website has seen an increase in its customer base and a steady growth of VanEck's AUM (Assets Under Management).

After the launch of the rebranding we continue our work for VanEck by further improving the website according to the needs of their customers.

The results summed up:

  • Reliable website and solid disclaimer, in line with new brand guidelines.
  • Agile approach to translate high-level specifications into tangible results within days.
  • Solid project results without laborious processes or bugs.

More about VanEck
Founded in 1955, VanEck has been one of the first U.S. asset managers to offer investors access to international markets. Thinking beyond the financial markets' confines, it seeks to identify major economic, technological, social, and political trends that shape opportunities and risks within portfolios. VanEck particularly provides passive investment products, offering active and passive strategies with compelling exposures supported by well-designed investment processes. Diversity, liquidity, and transparency are key to the decision-making process regarding market and index selection underlying the firm's passive strategies. Since its foundation, VanEck has put its clients' interests first in all market environments.

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