Ammar Khazal

Having recently completed a Bachelors degree, VI company is facilitating what has already been a dynamic, boots-on-the-ground start to my career.

I really appreciate the level of trust and responsibility given to me with regards to the work I am able to do.
As a backend developer working in the FRT (the First Response Team), flexibility is essential. While my experience at VI Comp. has only lasted just under a month (at the time of writing),
I have already encountered various issues and their related problem domains. That variety is so nice to have especially at this early stage
because it allows one to explore and experiment with what works for them and what kind of solutions they are best suited for.
It's an exciting time with an exciting organisation. I look forward to seeing how work will unfold.

Personally, I'm quite extroverted so I'm almost addicted to meeting and connecting with new people. In terms of hobbies,
I've enjoy doing video narrations.
I also dabble quite terribly in the piano and I like to do a bit of fire performing every now and then.

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