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Enable investment professionals to do what they do best, managing client portfolios.

Alloq Portfolio Management has been developed as a Saas-platform for all institutional investment managers who manage multi-asset portfolios. The platform is aimed at mitigating operational risks by placing business-critical processes in one robust and safe system. The platform also offers the opportunity to innovate in the field of allocation management.

First product by VI Company
This is the first product by VI Company to be offered to the investment management industry. Although the product has been developed, maintained, and hosted by VI Company, it is a product that is widely supported by the industry.

Several tablets showcasing Alloq Portfolio Management

Extreme high demands on availability, reliability, and safety
Responsibility of (automatically) allocating many billions of Euros requires enormous care. This not only manifests itself in particularly high quality and verifiability of the implementation and implementation of the allocation rules but also places high demands on the organization of VI Company. For example, we are ISO 27001 certified, several (technical and security) audits have been successfully performed and the system is monitored 24/7.

By collaborating with VI Company in the development of Alloq Portfolio Management, PGGM has been able to further improve the quality of its portfolio management and to execute more efficiently.
Uri Soetendorp, Head of Client Portfolio Analysis & Management, PGGM

Supported by the Investment Management industry
The initiative and the platform are widely supported by the industry. For example, PGGM is the first client to be connected to Alloq Portfolio Management, but there are discussions with all major institutional asset managers. Alloq Portfolio Management cooperates with KPMG Advisory as its partner for implementation and support.

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