The Trading Game
The Trading Game

The Trading Game

/ Less daunting, more fun and an improved game experience
/ Live portfolio updates and real-time feedback
/ Progressive web app

The Problem
The old Trading Game primarily focused on experienced investors. However, to new inexperienced investors, it was a daunting challenge to figure out how to start trading and become proficient at it. Hence, many potential players were not inclined to give the Trading Game a try. Another challenge was the platform itself; It worked in old browsers, but not so well on the most up-to-date devices and browsers. A missed opportunity, because the game is perfectly suited to play while on the road.

Beursspel characters

Our Approach
First, we had a good look at the "old" Trading Game to determine its strengths and points of improvement. We noticed it contained a lot of information and complex (game)mechanics that scared potential players away. Therefore our motto for the new version became 'Back to basics'. We eliminated many elements, providing a better overview and introducing the fun factor. By including a feedback tool in the game, we've enabled players to give us direct feedback. By filtering that feedback we can make continuous improvements to the Trading Game, and come up with new and exciting features.

When developing the contents of the game our starting point was education. It's very important for people to get acquainted with the (investment)products, so they know what to do in the case of an increase or decrease in stock prices. To trade in more complex products players are required to pass an exam first.

Beursspel Academy overview on mobile phone

From a technical point of view, we focussed on developing a solution that works seamlessly on mobile devices. Hence the new Trading Game is built as a progressive web app (PWA), which means it works as a website and can be installed as an app.

The Results
The platform we’ve created is aimed at new investors, providing them with better insight and overview. The client’s employees benefit from a well-organized back office, where they can determine the rules of the game, scheduled competitions, change venture capital or other settings, track the way in which users develop, review visitor statistics, and read user feedback.

Furthermore, the Academy is incorporated into the game. After creating an account, users can only trade in shares. To buy more complex products, they need to get a certificate. We've added videos and other content to explain the theory, so they can prepare for the exam. Upon completion, players can review their results and, if necessary, retake it. We've constructed the Academy in such a way that it allows for additional, more complex products if there is a need to add these in the future.

There can only be one winner

Overall, the platform allows us to keep its existing investors and appeal to inexperienced investors who want to learn the basics of trading. As the Trading Game is 'real-time' it significantly adds to the learning experience of all its players. Actions have consequences. Investing at the right moment, using the right instrument, can make you a lot of money. Likewise, making a bad decision means to risk losing all of your investment.

Credit: Mockups by zlatko_plamenov

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