Retail, trading & investment


Getting clients comfortable with investment products? Improve onboarding SME clients or creating a full robo-advisor platform for retail clients? Let us help you analyse your needs, develop it all and maintain it afterwards.


All our teams are multidisciplinary. UX-design (user experience design) is always part of this team and teams have one, two or even three developers taking part. Individual teams are capable of realizing full projects from scratch.

Get it done

We develop agile for over 7 years and we are really good at it. Teams work in two-week sprints (iterations) and are supported by one of our experienced scrum masters to ensure a high team velocity (efficiency).

Be part of your team

We provide clients the possibility to take part in the team as a (part time) "Product Owner". The dedicated role that can set the priorities, specifications and the total result.

Intellectual property

You own what we develop for you by default . The IP is something we share. Even better: We fully share the source code and all its historical versions with your IT-team.

Team planning

Plan your team well ahead. We will help you define the approximate number of weeks needed. After delivering the project in production, you can decide if you would like to keep hiring the team on a continuing or interval base.

Hosting & support

Part of development is a successful launch. After this launch, the First Response Team will take over. A highly skilled team that is dedicated to keeping websites and applications up & running.

Fixed weekly rate

Our teams are priced at a fixed weekly rate. This keeps everything easy and transparant. We guarantee that our teams, for at least 80% of the time, are effectively working on your project. The other 20%? We reserve that for part time days, training, etc.

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