Development teams

Our specialized development teams conceive, design and build websites and applications with you according to the latest Agile methodologies.

Our teams are financially literate and understand your business. With a keen eye for design, strong analytical skills and years of experience in development, they create industry-leading solutions.

Niche experts

We work exclusively for financial institutions. This means that we are experts in the financial market, and well-versed in matters that are abracadabra to others.

Easy to work with

We are known for our open (and often direct) way of communicating and doing business. something that's greatly appreciated by our customers.

Quick results

We work with a short time to market: After just two to four weeks, we're delivering useful results. We believe in short iterations with ample space for dialogue.

Rotterdam based

We're located right in the centre of Rotterdam, just 25 minutes from Amsterdam airport. Very convenient; a lot of our clients like to work here alongside their teams.

Coffee? Call Kees at +31 10 714 44 57



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Share anonymised data?

We find privacy important and strictly follow the new GDPR rules and regulations. This means we offer an opt-in for the use of Google Analytics.