First response team (FRT)


The FRT has the important task to monitor the websites and applications proactively. 24/7. So that our clients don't have to worry whether a critical application is available, and can sleep peacefully at night.


There's no first- or second-line support here. You talk directly to a developer or technical person who knows what's going on. Not just for your projects, but also for the (hardware) architecture on which they run.

Never offline

Always online, never offline. That's the goal. We achieve this by running the customer projects on our geo-redundant environments; a kind of dual private cloud. It is highly unlikely that a cloud can break, but in that case there is always a second.

Always available

We're available in the office from 8:00 to 18:00, but in case of an emergency you can reach us at night, on Sundays, at Christmas or other special times. For customer calls ofcourse, but when they're asleep at night, it's the automated systems that wake us up when it seems something might be going wrong.

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