Onboarding team

The onboarding team helps you getting started. Together with our business experts you explore problems, define goals and lay a foundation to get started with our Development Teams.

The first step is a meeting with one of our onboarding team members. They speak your language, because they understand your business. Together you'll quickly arrive at the the gist of the case.

Business experts

Our client onboarders are business experts with extensive experience in the financial market. Combined with technical knowledge, our client onboarders are unique in their field.

Trusted advisor

A client onboarder is your advisor, focused on your needs. He helps you with knowledge and advice, and is critical when the situation demands it. You can rely on a balanced and honest advice.

Single point of contact

The onboarding team remains involved in projects from the sideline. It's good to know that you always work with a small team with a single point of contact.


We are involved and feel personally responsible. Therefore, we are honest about outlook and realistic expectations. It's the foundation for working together.

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