You have a problem, an idea or maybe even a specific plan that you want to get started on. You’re considering who could help you with this; working together with a partner can lead to amazing results, but how do you know which partner is the right one to work with?

Specifically for these situations we offer you our Discovery workshop. In it, our experts will make a situation-analysis and create a set of practical recommendations with you. This way, you’ll immediately get an impression of working with us!

What is it?

It is an interactive session for about 2 hours where we will give your idea a closer look. Our specialists will explore the global playfield, the opportunities and the risks of your project and the steps that need to be taken to move forward, together with you and your stakeholders. Afterwards you will receive a brief/short analysis and practical recommendations.


  • Analysis and advice from experienced experts
  • A look behind the scenes (of our company), no strings attached
  • A first impression of a possible cooperation

When is this workshop a good idea?

  • You are about to develop a new project, but have second thoughts on how to move forward
  • An existing project needs to improve, but where do you start?
  • You are looking for a (new) partner; and you want to know what we have to offer

Want to know more?

Please contact Kees de Koning;
+31 (0)10 714 44 57