Bart Numan

At a certain point, I counted about 11 computers in my home office (10m2). Then I decided it was time to put some of them away (with a very heavy heart). It illustrates how I have almost become one with these machines. Caused by the fact that I became a software developer or the other way around?

After a journey that took me to the national capital and several years as a freelancer, I landed at the VI team. I get pretty passionate and inspired by the complex matter we deal with on a daily base. Every day is one big puzzle with an indefinite amount of pieces, that has to be solved.

Privately, I am married and have a 5-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter. Besides that, I play the guitar and sing in a band, with, on average, 1 gig per month. Other than that I am a mediocre gamer and I like football and poker. Combining all of that... that is a puzzle on its own.

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