I have always been interested in coming up with solutions to problems and issues. Through research, good interface design and strong development work, we can solve almost any question with development.

In my role as Solution Engineer, I take my experience as a User Experience and Interface designer with me. With knowledge of technology, design, and the financial industry I provide consultative and strategic work for our clients. This can be a stand-alone consulting question, but can also result in a long-term development project where I lay the groundwork together with my colleagues to secure the client's wishes and needs. I am not afraid to be critical and to think outside the box. Ensuring a good end result for the customer is my main priority.

I fill my spare time by visiting a lot of different concerts varying from punk to hip-hop, making generative art, and experimenting with code. The rest of my time is spent chasing my cat out of my plants.

CFA certification badge
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