Kees de Koning

Helping (potential) clients with brilliant strategies and their execution. As well colleagues of VI Company with an awesome company to work for, on and with.

A company like no other company in Europe in terms of expertise, happiness, freedom, innovation, and our core values. That’s what I enjoy working on the most.

I love to guide VI Company to its long-term goal. Meanwhile helping my business partner Tim Oskam and all colleagues of VI Company getting there. I’m very excited about our company and its strategy. We have created something awesome together. While enjoying and honoring that, we will remain busy with the next steps to grow bigger, better and smarter.

Together with my wife and our son I'm enjoying a great work-life balance. I like to run and swim once a while. On the long term? Iron man. Maybe. One day. Follow me on strava.

Articles written by Kees de Koning

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