As a person, I have always seen ideas as the driver of our society. The biggest differences in the world are made by sprouting, nurturing, and flourishing a new idea.

As a Solution Engineer, I use my technical background as a software developer, combined with my BM and financial knowledge and expertise to help our clients in a refreshing way. I help them develop and conceptualize their ideas, leveraging on proved methods and experiences. As part of our strategy and consultancy team, I empower innovation within the financial world.

When I have a conversation with a client, I challenge them and myself to think about a question from multiple perspectives. Sometimes with a critical note, but always with an open and constructive approach. To get the best out of myself and my clients and to bring an idea to life, that is the best thing there is for me.

Besides my regular operations, I use my entrepreneurial abilities to turn opportunities I notice into internal initiatives. By doing that, I force myself and my colleagues to keep growing within our field of work and the financial domain.

When not busy at VI, I spent my time on friends and family, sports, traveling, festivals, gaming, and reading.

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