Everybody working at VI always looks forward to the Tuesdays and Thursdays, for those are the days my owner takes me with him to work! I always take care to enter the office in a dazzling and bombastic manner, so everyone knows I am there and it will be a great day!

I have very important duties in the office. I start off with a delightful nap as to spread an aura of relaxation. Occasionally I make the rounds to give everyone the opportunity to touch my fantastic self. (This is the secret to keeping your employees happy.) After lunch, I go out of my way to show off my athletic skills, so everyone feels energized to go back to work!

I am a whippet, which means I am as quick-minded as I am quick. If you find my presence undesired because, perhaps, you simply can't focus when something as cute as me is near you (understandable) I will leave you be. No need to worry, I am not so presumptuous as to inflict my companionship on those who aren't comfortable with me. I know, I am great.

Some more fun facts about my good self:

  • I can run at 50 km an hour.
  • I will do anything for a snack.
  • I am mortally afraid of the office scooters. (Keep them away from me.)
  • If fatigued I will retire to my adorable pita-bed.
  • I am a very sensitive breed, so I can tell if you're sad or happy.
  • My favorite toys squeak and for obvious reasons, I can't have them in the office.

Come see me in the office sometime!

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