It’s the talk of town: ‘the future is technology-driven’. Start-ups appear to be taking the initiative: they are young, maneuverable and tech-savy. In addition, they have in-house fintech-teams who can adapt to the latest developments in the market incredibly fast.

What if you could have your own fintech-team that knows its way around in the financial world, works agile and gives you all the opportunities start-ups have? With our flexible Teams the initiative is yours!

What is it?

A remote fintech team on rental base with variable occupation of design, development, strategy and support. Teams are employable for webbased fintech applications: From digital strategy to prototyping, entire technical deployment, management and maintenance. Teams are employable from a week till all-year round.


  • Together with our specialists you decide the variables of your fintech team: how many disciplines you need and for how long? Do you fulfill the position of Product Owner (PO) or would you like us to fill in the PO position?
  • Together with your Team and PO you will create your backlog after which the collaboration can start
  • Your Team works in weekly iterations. After every iteration they can deploy their work
  • Circumstances can change. Of course your team can as well: together we can scale up, downsize, decrease or increase a time period

Your Team

  • Understands their job and puts quality first
  • Knows their way in the financial market and understand what you are doing
  • Works together when needed and independently where possible
  • Offers the opportunity to tag along when preferred
  • Is well-experienced in agile methodologies

Who are Teams for?

For organizations, departments or project groups who would like to work with a well-equipped and experienced fintech team. Whether it is to test a strategy, building a prototype or deploying and managing complex web based fintech applications.


  • An experienced Team. Custom-tailored to your needs. For every desired period
  • Acces to the expertise of our complete organization and all of our specific industry facilities
  • A short time to market: your Team releases every week
  • All the gain and no pain: your team is trained, equipped and terminable per week
  • A fixed price, dependable on the choices you make
  • No additional or hidden costs

Want to know more?

Please contact Kees de Koning;
+31 (0)10 714 44 57